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Eating out in Langebaan has changed dramatically going from 1 eating establishment 20 years ago.

Starting with the historic venue of Geelbek at the top of the Langebaan Lagoon and in the West Coast National Park, where lots of effort is put into service and excellent food. Winner of the Diners Club Gold/Award wine list. This venue is perfect for functions and specializes in weddings. No trip into the park without a visit to the Geelbek restaurant, with curio shop and info center.

Coming into town we find the Farm House Hotel, an original Farm House built in 1860 and restored in the true Cape Dutch tradition. Four star accommodation and a Restaurant/Bar proud of excellent food and a Diners Club Diamond-Award winning wine list is awaiting you.

Pearly’s Restaurant is situated right on the Main Beach. Here one can enjoy a lunch overlooking the lagoon or a sun-downer leading into a dinner. Experience one of the spectacular sunsets Langebaan has to offer. Choosing your meals from a well balanced menu.

Across the road in the Marra Centre we are going cake and coffee in the Ginja Bean. Bistro and Deli in one, you will be treated to true West Coast hospitality whilst you are joining into the activity in the Square.

Friday Island our favorite is right next to us on the beach. This little Restaurant is just so convenient overlooking the windsurfing bay. We recommend this to our guests especially for the close proximity to all our accommodation.  

Going toward Club Mykonos we find the well known Die Strandloper, offering an unforgettable eating experience. Join the lunch at 12, or dinner at 6. Expect to eat 10 courses from mussels through to Crayfish all prepared right there on the open fire. Enjoy the good life. Another great Wedding Venue.


Things to do

Here  is a summary or you can contact us for more details.

The ultimate Horse Riding Experience you will get at the Windstone Riding Centre, only 15 min. from Langebaan, off the R 27. Outrides, even for the inexperienced, will take you into the Fossil Park and around the Windstone Farm, you will be safe and in good hands. Book a horse riding lesson and one of the qualified riding instructors will teach you the proper style.

The young and young at heart will find loads of fun at Sunny Park, right in the centre of the town. Putt put and Pool are on offer as well as Trampolines, jumping castles in various shapes and sizes. The “Fuffy”, speak water slide promises fun for everyone.

This beautifully maintained course on the Langebaan Golf Estate bears testament to South African golf legend Gary Player's design philosophy with its well-positioned bunkers and his typical routing for golfers of varying skill levels. Add amazing natural rock formations, a large water feature to divide the fairways, a colorful carpet of natural wild flowers, abundant bird life and a variety of buck species, and you're guaranteed a great round of golf, regardless of your score. 

Seeing Langebaan and it’s fabulous beaches yet from another perspective will be made possible by various yacht charting companies. Elite yacht charters offer trips into the lagoon or to the bird islands on board a selection of yachts. 


Wellness and Sports

It seems that Langebaan is developing fast into a Wellness orientated little town, offering more than enough possibilities for everyone to improve on beauty, well being and health.

The surroundings of the town are inviting for long hikes and cycle trails, in the West Coast National Park. Just ask at the gate for your map. Walking along the beach all the way from the town to Club Mykonos (and back), or from the Farm House Hotel along the ridge to the Gate of the National Park (and back) gives you approx. 2 hrs of healthy activity and great sight seeing.

Oxigym as part of the Country Estate development  offers Spinning classes promising the best cardio and fun work out of your life time! The Gym also offers personal training, cardio, strength tone and stretch.Dirk is the man to talk to and ask for more information and help.

In town as part of the Puza Moya Guest House, the Pilate Fitness Langebaan offers 4 classes per week, of Beginners and Intermediate Pilates lovers. There is no need to be super fit or super young, you also don’t need to become a member to join, just find out about times and enjoy a good work out, as and when you feel like it. Pilates Fitness is implementing Pilates plus classes, using accessories such as weights, balls and flexi-bands.

More Beauty orientated is Skin Treats, Beauty and Nail Studio at the Laguna Mall. Pampering you the professional way. Many years of experience have made Madeleine and team capable to offer a place of excellent service and great knowledge.



The Langebaan Lagoon is home to the West Coast National Park, and is a wetland of international importance. The Lagoon was shaped by the rise and fall of sea levels during prehistoric times. This is quite unlike typical lagoons which form where fresh water rivers enter the sea. The result is a purely salt water lagoon.

The bases of the Langebaan Lagoon ecosystem originates from the depths of the ocean with the ocean currents wind and sun all working together. The cold Benguela current that flows up the West Coast brings nutrient rich water from the Antarctic. A combination of the ocean current and prevailing south easterly winds result in a phenomenon known as up welling. This up welling forces nutrients consisting of decomposed matter from the seabed to be brought up to the surface along the shoreline. The daily change in the tides provides the mechanism to bring this nutrient rich water into the Lagoon.

In the Lagoon the filter feeders like muscles, mud prawns and blood worms rely on these nutrients from the decomposition cycle. These organisms then in turn provide a food source for fish and birds. The thousands of resident and migrant birds feed off the nutrients generated from the salt marshes as well as the sea creatures that live off these nutrients. The guano from these birds is returned to the lagoon and in turn provides vital nutrients back to the salt marshes.

Since this ecosystem is like a chain, if any of the links are removed then the entire system can stop functioning. So no matter how small or insignificant, every little piece of the ecosystem is there for a reason and critical to its sustained existence.

The scrubland surrounding Langebaan and its beautiful Lagoon is a prime example of Strandveld Fynbos (Coastal Fynbos) and forms part of the Cape Fynbos Floral Kingdom. The visitor can enjoy an all year round spectacular display of our floral splendor. The Strandveld also provides a home for various Fauna species which are even active in built up areas. Birds form an integral part of the ecology in the region providing a paradise to birding enthusiasts. These terrestrial elements are integrated into the overall Lagoon ecology.