Cape Sports Center Langebaan Wind Report

Get LIVE! Wind speed & direction from Cape Sport Center and the immediate area before you drive to Langebaan.

Get latest Windspeed & Direction for Cape Sport simply SMS code LA to 36010
(Works for all ZA networks. All sms cost R5 no free SMS)

TAKE NOTE  - for the actual AVERAGE out on the water at Cape Sports Bay take the HIGHEST GUST for all wind directions beginning with an S eg. SSE, SE, S, SSW SW. The gusts are a lot higher than this.
- any wind direction starting with a N or W direction is a correct and accurate reading.

Windguru forecast for Cape Sports Center

Wind statistics 27-10-2004 to 23-09-2013

Actual Windspeed and Direction at Capesport

 Wind Graph


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